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Armenian crisis .. a summer cloud in the sky of Turkey

Ehssan Alfakeeh Alsharif
April 29, 2015

Abu Al-Fadl Al-Nisaboori mentioned in “Majma’a Al-Amthal”, that Sa’d bin Zaid bin Mannah married “Rehm”, the daughter of Khazraj bin Taim Allah bin Rufaida, she was one of the most beautiful women, and she born Malik bin Sa’d to him.

His other wives disgraced her and said: O Afla (a defect that affects a woman after childbirth); her mother advised her to start with the same word. one of his wives came and cursed her, so “Rahm” called her Afla. ” She threw me with her disease and sneaked”, said the woman. this phrase became an example for someone who throws a defect in him to someone else who is safe from it.

What is surprising and disgusting is that this ideal that emerged from the womb of women’s stories is withdrawn into contemporary international relations, where many countries in the East and West took the place of women and throw their disease and ugliness to another country historically exonerated from what is attributed to them.


Suddenly, the humanity’s meanings and mercy poured into the hearts of the tyrants of West and East, and tears shed from the eyes of the wolves to commemorate the centenary of what they claimed it was a genocide carried out by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians in 1915 AD.

Countries, organization, and public figures who have called for the exploitation of the event against Turkey, just as eaters hurried to their bowl, all of them turning a blind eye to all the massacres committed against Muslims, to bypass them to highlight the tragedy of the Armenians according to double standards policy that has become the most prominent feature in the international community.


Francis, the Pope of the Vatican, who was drowning in following the sexual scandals of his monks, left the condemnation of Syrian massacres carried out by Assad’s planes against the people day and night. And became towards the brutal massacres carried out by Buddhist gangs, with the assistance of the security forces against Rohingya Muslims.

Turning a blind eye to all Christian massacres against Muslims, he stood at the beginning of Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, and in front of the Armenian President recognizing that the tragedy of the Armenians in 1915 must be considered a genocide.

Where are you, the Pope, against 7 million Palestinians who were displaced for the eyes of Israel?

Where are you from killing 80,000 Muslim men and women Madagascar island in one day and with one blow?

And from killing, torturing and burning more than 300,000 Muslims in Srebrenica and Bihacby by Serbs hands?

And from one million Iraqi children killed by the American siege and weapons of destruction?

And from the brutal massacres carried out by the anti-Balaka Christian gangs against Central African Muslims?

Inevitably, he will only find an answer to these questions within himself; the answer is always: they are Muslims, as it is about Turkey the Muslim country.

Bonaparte’s descendants

As for France, it is one of the first to admit the Ottoman massacres against the Armenians and considered it a genocide.

The French forgotten the mass slaughters during the Crusades against Jerusalem, when the lists of their horse’s knights drenched in the blood of Muslims that filled the streets. They forgot Napoleon’s crimes against Muslims, and they made this thug a hero. They overlooked hundreds of thousands of martyrs in Algeria who died by the hands of the French invaders, and the blood of 40,000 Muslims was killed in a massacre in the Algerian Kheratah in one day by the French occupier.

As for France having found an opportunity to undermine Turkey and block its path to join the European Union, how can it not blow into a fire by pitting West and East on Erdogan and his team as heirs of the Ottoman Empire?

Cold-blooded people

What impressed the cold-blooded, I mean the Russian bear, when they talking about the Armenians, and the kind-hearted “Putin” participated that happy occasion (for him), through which he could harm Turkey, which stood in the face of his Iranian and Assad allies.

How can’t Putin do it, and it is his country that supported the Armenians and made them agents and spies against the Ottoman Empire? The Armenians helped Russian forces in Anatolia and beat the Ottoman Empire in its side, as will be seen in the following lines.

O, Putin, you talk about massacres, and your country spilled the blood of nearly 100 thousand Chechens between 1994 and 1996 in the first war, and 40 thousand in the second war?

O Putin, before you talk about the alleged massacres of the Ottomans against the Armenians, first get to know the hard facts which like the sun in midday, that talked about your oppression of the Ottomans.

Browse the book “Death and Exile: A Purge against the Ottoman Muslims,” ​​by Justin McCarthy. to see that 5 million Turkish Muslims killed between 1821 and 1922 AD.

remember the 410 thousand who killed, and the 270 thousand who were displaced in Caucasus wars 1914-1921.

Remember the displacement of one million and 450 thousand people killed in the Balkan wars.

Germany also followed their footsteps, when Merkel coalition pushed the German parliament to vote in recognition of the Armenian massacres. Likewise, the European Union decided to consider the events of the Armenians in 1915 as genocide and even demanded that Turkey must recognize and acknowledge these massacres. Western countries preceded this unparalleled human participation to console the Armenians on the centenary of which its truth was lost through the wolves’ tears.

Glory to you Arabs

But the great disaster was the participation of some Arab countries in this sitcom, the Lebanese government made the centenary an official holiday, which sparked widespread public controversy, considering this measure directed against Turkey. At the same time, the decision raised eyebrows, as the matter is related to a sect rather than the general Lebanese people. So why did the Lebanese government adopted this measure ?!

The emotional UAE government did not forget to participate in that occasion as sympathized with the Egyptian people before, and supported the slaughter of their freedom, concerning my brothers, the honorable Emirates. If you saw that big delegation that included 54 persons to be the second-largest delegation after France, we would think it would be an Italian or an American delegation to participate in that occasion.

It was a delegation sent by the coup authorities in Egypt, not say it was sent by Egypt, because to me Egypt is the honorable people of Egypt, I exclude them from the putschists, their guilts and supporters. The coup leader, through his Papal “Tawadarsi” delegation, wanted to take revenge with Erdogan, who was and still to be against the coup d’etat and supported the usurped legitimacy.

Oh, you, the of martyrs’ blood in Fourth Square the Renaissance, and other places have not dried up yet; do not talk about the massacres in the name of humanity that came out of you and will not return.

Tens of thousands of honest people and the elite of your people are still mourning between the prison’s walls unfairly. free women are still crying for their stolen honor by the hands of your cells. Your supreme court still distributes death sentences and life imprisonment generously to my Egyptian brothers; so do not talk about killing and displacement.

The slaughtered truth

Did Ottomans commit genocide against the Armenians?

There are already mass Armenians casualties; it is historically consistent, but what has been falsified is the accusation of a charge of genocide with the Ottoman Empire, and this was not the case.

I will rely on Turkish version of events, and before you accuse me of bias and impartiality, I will honestly say: my dependence on Turkish sources because only Turkey has offered to open its archive containing a million documents before a committee of experts and historians from Armenian and Turkey to find out the truth, at the Armenians didn’t find one document to wave, and there are even documents in the German archive prove that the Armenians were involved in massacres against the subjects of the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia.

The truth says:

The Armenians were affected by the independence tendencies in the region and wanted to create an independent state in Anatolia, so they cooperated with Russians, and stood up to face Ottoman Empire in World War 1914 when the Russians occupied eastern Anatolia, the Armenian volunteers supported them, and some of them defected from the Ottoman army.

The Armenian military units disrupted the Ottoman supply routes, and the Armenian gangs committed massacres against the inhabitants of Ottoman regions that they occupied during that period. So in 1915, The Ottoman authorities resorted to the displacement of Armenians living in war zones for their cooperation with the Russians.

The Ottoman authorities planned to provide the humanitarian needs of the displaced, but the war conditions, the internal fighting, the bandits, the hunger and epidemics didn’t prevent the death of a large number of them. Some individual violations occurred forced the Ottoman government to execute those involved even though the war was ongoing and has not yet subsided.

Upon the establishment of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 and the withdrawal of Russia from the war, the region was left to Armenian gangs, who inherited the Russian armory and used them to occupy Ottoman areas and carry out massacres against Ottoman civilians.

Armenian crimes

The Armenian terrorist organizations; “Hanchak” and “Tashnaq”, whose members carried out terrorist acts that included bombings in Istanbul and a failed attempt to assassinate the Ottoman Sultan.

Ottoman Archives documented the death of approximately 47 thousand people, killed in massacres committed by the Armenian gangs in the city of Kars, in the early twentieth century, Armenian gangs collected 286 people from notables in the Grand Mosque and poured boiling oil on their bodies.

Professor Yasar Kop, a faculty member of the Faculty of Education, History Branch of the Caucasus University, confirmed that there are 200 mass graves in the states of Kars, Ardahan, and Igdir, belongs to the Ottoman victims of the Armenian massacres.

In the village of Subat, in 1991 AD, a mass grave was discovered in which 570 Ottomans lay cremated and their bodies were mutilated, and others were discovered in Dergic in 2003, and a third in Kucuk Cetahmeh. The remains of 30 of the 183 people killed were found.

According to an archival document, Turkish studies counted 185 mass graves in the regions of eastern and southeastern Anatolia, and that Armenian gangs killed 50,000 Muslims in Erzurum, 15,000 in “wan”, 17,000 in “Kars”, and 15,000 in “Igdir”, And 13 thousand in Erzincan, and thousands in other regions.

Turkish attitude

The Turkish stance towards this crisis was marked by the usual political intelligence and the complete confidence that Turkish leaders stand on solid ground against these allegations. We will summarize it in the following points:

First: Turkey offers to open the Ottoman archive:

Turkish leaders offered Armenia, and the whole world, to open the Ottoman archive containing one million documents to find out the truth, and at the same time, Turkey is asking the Armenians to provide their documents proving to show that Turks were involved in the genocide, which was not the Armenians have done so far, This gives Turkish people confidence in their leadership, and to the people who love Turkey as well.

Second: The strong and lofty response to all the countries and organizations that made these allegations:

Turkish declarations always contain denunciation of the non-neutrality of these countries and also exhume their dirty past in the field of human rights, such as (whoever had a glass house must not throw the other people with stones). So turkey sent a tough letter to Russia, the Vatican, and everyone who promoted these allegations, demonstrating the confidence of Turks in their file towards the Armenians.

Third: The participating Armenians their sorrows towards the events of 1915 AD, which we have explained:

This was praised by some fair Europeans, as the Armenian nationalism is part of Turkey’s demographics, and at the same time an attempt to normalize with it and fold the pages of the past within the policy of the Justice and Development Party that seeks stability in the region, and the settlement of conflicts.

Fourth: Turkish leaders cleverly sought to capture the popular attention that went to discuss the issue of the Armenians, to cut off the Turkish public’s preoccupation with the requirements of the renaissance process for the establishment of modern Turkey, and at the same time, Erdogan and Oglu’s team wanted to cover up that event.

To achieve the two objectives, Turkey commemorated the Battle of “Heavenly Castle” in “Gallipoli”, in which the Ottomans defeated the Anglo-French coalition, which coincided with the centenary of the Armenians.

Turkey invited British Crown Prince Charles, and the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand, among about 20 leaders in the world, including yesterday’s enemies, as if Erdogan wanted to send a message that the bank of the Dardanelles Strait that witnessed the celebration, combines yesterday’s opponents to start a new page of living According to common interests, while countries, organizations, and personals of the enemies of peace go to fuel conflicts and stir up strife in the past by celebrating the centenary of the Armenians.


It was not strange for those countries to seek to undermine this structure, which modern Turkey is building with its sincere leaders and conscious people who are aware of the dimensions of the conflict, and is well aware of whom eating from the other side, extinguishing the fire, stealing firewood and drying the spring.

It is Turkey in the era of the honorable AKP: Erdogan, Ihsan Oglu and a large team of those seeking the renaissance of their country and their nation, those who do not pay attention to the howl of the boredom.

This disinterested campaign came before the Turkish elections that Erdogan and his men are counting on as a starting point to realize the dream of a new Turkey, which is expected to reap its fruits in 2023 AD, after amending the constitution and converting Turkey from the parliamentary system to the presidency.

Turkey is undoubtedly on target.

The Americans are targeting it to stop the expansion and growth of this Turkish giant, both militarily and economically.

Iran targets it, because it is the competing force in the region, and it stands in the way of completing the Safavid Majus project.

Europe targets it as an influential Islamic country, not only regionally, but its international influence is looming on the horizon.

Israel targets it, as the era of the rule of justice and development abounds and still has solid attitudes toward Zionist arrogance.

Russia, an ally of Iran and the Assad regime in the region, is targeting it to prevent its growing regional role, especially after its alliance with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It is targeted by the coup authority in Egypt because it stands beside the legitimacy and its refusal to recognize the current authority, and even embarrasses it in international forums.

But, in the end, I affirm that the contrived Armenian crisis will be nothing more than a summer cloud in the sky of Turkey, which will soon be cleared.

Soon after, the sun rises, and God reveals the night whisper, what the slavers deposited in the pillows, what the sellers were pleased with, what the fools arranged and what the good people announced with their good intentions.

عن Ehssan Alfakeeh

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